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3-Ingredient Cream Cheese Biscuits

Bake up a large batch of these homemade Honey Cream Cheese Biscuits! They are easy to make, great alongside your favorite meal, and so tasty! They are even wonderful alone with a pat of butter.

Have you ever had a cream cheese biscuit? They are so tender and fluffy. You will be forever converted. They are tender and fluffy just like these buttery jam biscuits. This recipe is so full of flavor and texture. It has subtle hints of honey with a fluffy moist interior. The exterior is slightly crunchy. It’s undeniably good!

Unlike the zucchini drop biscuits I shared with you a couple of weeks ago; these biscuits are rolled and cut. Don’t be afraid though, they are extremely simple.Since I had never attempted cream cheese biscuits before, I turned to Cook’s Country to guide me with this recipe. I followed the recipe fairly close, with the exception of a few changes; one being the flour.

Their recipe calls for a mix of all-purpose and cake flour. I opted to use straight all-purpose instead. I also added some honey. It’s light enough that you get just a hint, but it really makes these biscuits something special.

Butter and cream cheese play a part in this recipe. Both are required in order to produce a moist and tender biscuit. Without the butter, the biscuits would end up like bricks. Buttermilk is also a culprit in keeping these biscuits impeccably moist. It’s a great additive to many baked goods when you are looking for a luxuriously tender texture.

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