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Mom used to make short and sweet baked beans all the time when I was a kid. I grew up eating and loving them at the same time. However, it’s quite different with my family now. My husband is not too fond of baked beans (he eats them though; they’re just not his favorite).

And my twins do not like baked beans. Yes, they would eat a couple of spoonfuls, but after that they will just eat the other servings on their plate. I am not sure why because I love them so much. I remember eating a lot of it and my mother had to stop me from getting too many servings.

Last time, I was craving for sweet baked beans so I called my mother to ask for her recipe. It was something that I don’t cook a lot because of the situation, so it’s not something that I remember how to cook. Mom was helpful. She also gave me a bit of an advice on how to make the kids love baked beans. She said that all they needed was the perfect recipe and they will surely fall in love with them.

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Well, my husband did love Mom’s recipe. He managed second servings this time. And I could also see improvements in my kids’ reception of baked beans. They were able to finish what was on their plates! One point for Grandma and Mom!

To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients:

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