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Apple Cheesecake (OH my! Oh my!)

I may have borrowed the title of this post from a vintage Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor* (*= spelt in the American to honour the All-American theme here!). But this pie delivers big time and deserves the exclamation oh my! I discovered this book via a friend who has had it for some time and baked most of its recipes.
Nicola had been raving about this pie for so long I just knew I had to try it. So I got my book out, set my app up to show me how to crimp pastry just like Dorie does and got a-baking.

The pastry was a total dream to handle – soft and silky as well as amenable to rerolling without toughening up the texture. Plus, I felt justified in keeping my pastry on the thick side as Dorie said in her app that’s how she likes it (Mary Berry went on record on the Great British Bake Off saying such pastry must be thin and crisp to be good – sorry Mary, but on this, I disagree!).

As for the pie filling – so easy! Just a case of chopping apples and tossing with a few other ingredients. Now here’s were my tweaks came – I used cornflour instead of tapioca (as I didn’t have any) and I used the zest of an orange plus some of it’s juice to moisten and coat the apples to prevent them browning. I love apple and orange together.

Then, I used 4 finely crushed amaretti biccies (the packet was open and needed using up) instead of 2tbsp crushed Graham crackers – a rather genius addition on Dorie’s part as you can’t actually taste them in the finished pie but they sop up the wonder juices of the baking fruit thus minimising the Soggy Bottom!

Other than that, I was very well behaved and followed Dorie’s instructions exactly and this is what I ended up with (I’m grinning like an idiot here, I’m soooo pleased with this pie!):

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