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Apple Pie Stuffed Cheesecake

No, you are not dreaming. This is really a cheesecake that is stuffed with the deliciousness of an apple pie. This dessert is not for the faint of heart. This is a delightfully heavy dessert, BUT I do think it’s worth every single calorie that it has. I do not even want to figure out a calorie count for this, it’s THAT good.

This cheesecake will please both the apple and cheesecake lovers. It’s rich and creamy. A gingersnap crust is a perfect base for this delectable dessert. The apples are a tasty surprise hiding in the middle. We loved the sweet crunchy topping, it’s like one you’d find on an apple pie. This is beautiful enough for an event, but simple enough for a weeknight dessert. We highly recommend the caramel syrup, it’s the perfect final touch.

This Apple Pie Stuffed Cheesecake is totally overkill. It is ridiculous. It’s unnecessary. It’s full of calories. Oh, and the most important thing you need to know about this Apple Pie Stuffed Cheesecake – it’s freak’n AMAZING!

You may have noticed, lately I’ve been re-posting some of my recipes from the early blog days. It’s not because these recipes need reworking. It’s just because, mostly, the pictures blow and well, back then I didn’t have much attention from readers so this is a great way to reintroduce some awesome recipes to the followers I have gained over the year.

Let’s get on to this Apple Pie Stuffed Cheesecake, shall we? Okay, so it’s not pie, exactly. What I have done is take all those apple flavors you love about pie and just jammed it smack dab in the center of a dreamy, creamy cheesecake.

I’m not going to sugar coat this, this recipe takes some time. This is definitely a special occasion cheesecake (unless you’re me and randomly whip one up in the middle of the week). You won’t be whipping this up on a moment’s notice. Much like my Pumpkin Cheesecake, I recommend you let this come to room temperature and then stick it in the fridge to hang out overnight, or a few hours at the very least.

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