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Bacon Strip Pancakes

Just about the best breakfast that ever greeted a hungry family! And it’s as easy as this: Shake up Aunt Jemima batter according to package directions. Place cooked bacon strips on the griddle and pour batter over each strip. Bake ’em golden brown on both sides. Couldn’t be easier – couldn’t taste better! How about Aunt Jemima Bacon Strip Pancakes at your house tomorrow!”

Obviously, I couldn’t stop myself from making these ASAP. I immediately, without hesitation, ran into the kitchen. I searched through the freezer in a frenzy to find some bacon, whipped up some pancake batter and got to work.

And I’m going to have to admit, this artery clogging treat was one of the best breakfast items I’ve had in a long time. Honestly, these things should be illegal.

Mine didn’t come out quite as golden brown as I would have liked, because I was afraid of burning the bacon I had so painstakingly cooked over just the right low heat, to get just the right crispiness. But honestly, once you taste the crispy salty bacon wrapped in a delicate pancake drenched in warm maple syrup, believe me, you won’t care what color they are.


  • (4 servings)
  • 12 slices of bacon
  • 2 cups prepared pancake batter (from a mix or from scratch)
  • softened butter
  • maple syrup

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