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Baked Coconut Custard

Scrambled or fried isn’t the only way to enjoy eggs! This lightly sweetened baked custard is full of healthy fats and protein is surprisingly healthy (even for breakfast). Better yet, it’s as easy to make as a smoothie or pancakes, and clean-up only involves washing out a blender!

Creme Brulee for Breakfast?
Whether you brulee this baked custard or not, am I really suggesting a dessert for breakfast?

If a delicious grain and dairy free breakfast with plenty of healthy proteins and fats is what you desire, yes!

Just mix, bake, top with fruit, and enjoy.

My kids love making this recipe especially since they took the Kids Cook e-course, and it’s one dessert I’m ok with letting them have!

Eggs contains all 9 amino acids, making them a complete protein. They are also rich in vitamin D (if from pastured hens), selenium, some B vitamins, and certain key minerals.

A baked custard results when you add some milk (or coconut milk if dairy free) to eggs, along with a touch of maple syrup and vanilla. Bake in ramekins and eat warm, or chill in the fridge for a quick weeknight breakfast or snack.

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