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Baked Cod & amp Chorizo

This Baked Cod & Chorizo with new potatoes is super simple to make and is just 5 Smart Points per portion on Weight Watchers Freestyle plan. It is full of flavour and makes a healthy, simple Weight Watchers dinner.  Baking the cod, chorizo and new potatoes in foil parcels helps ensure the cod cooks to perfection and that all those lovely, smokey flavours from the chorizo mingle throughout the dish. This is one hell of a tasty low Smart Point Weight Watchers dinner!

Cod is one of those WW zero hero ingredients that I don’t tend to cook with much. But that is going to change! I don’t know why I’ve been reluctant to cook it as it’s one of my favourite types of fish and I will often order it from a restaurant menu when I am eating out.  I guess I’ve just been nervous about overcooking it and turning a lovely (rather expensive) filet of cod into a dried up, flaky mess! But cooking it in a parcel of kitchen foil, really helps with this.  

The cod basically steams in the parcel and you are left with a beautifully tender & flaky piece of fish. 

Why cook in a foil parcel?

  • Cooking in foil parcels is mess free.
  • As everything is cooked within the foil parcel, it means less scrubbing of pans after cooking – result!
  • You can cook the foil parcel in a conventional oven or even place it on a grill and cook it that way!
  • If that hasn’t sold you on cooking in foil parcels then how about this – you can even eat straight from the foil packet to save on plate washing up 😀 😉 …. or is that taking it too far!?

How do I make the foil parcels?

  • I would suggest using heavy duty foil if you can!
  • However, you can use thinner kitchen foil but just double up the sheets to prevent the possibility of rips & tears. You don’t want any steam escaping from your parcel. 
  • Lay the piece of foil on a flat surface & heap the ingredients in the middle of the sheet.  For this recipe I used sheets approx 12 inch square but generally speaking the sheet needs to be about three times the size of the ingredients that you will be cooking in it. 
  • Stack the ingredients in a heap in the middle of the sheet of foil and bring the edges of the foil into the centre and fold down & crimp to prevent steam from escaping when it is cooking. 
  • For this particular recipe, I add ingredients to the parcel part way through cooking so I was careful not to scrunch the foil too tightly! I did it enough so that no steam could escape but not too much that I couldn’t ease it open without tearing it when it was time to add the fish. 
  • Place the foil parcels on a baking tray and place in the oven to cook. 
  • After cooking, be careful when you are opening the parcel as the steam that has built up inside the parcel will be hot. 

Which foil should I use?

  • If possible use a heavy duty kitchen foil to make the parcels. If you can’t find heavy duty foil it may be better to double up the sheets to prevent the possibility of small rips that would let the steam out. 

What chorizo should I use?

  • I have tried this recipe with both mild chorizo and a hot spicy chorizo. Both kinds work well so it is personal choice which you use.  
  • Both kinds of chorizo will release their smoky oils when heated which work really well with the cod. 

What to serve with Baked Cod & Chorizo

  • I tend to serve this baked cod, chorizo and new potatoes with green beans or asparagus.  
  • Carrots and garden peas also work well with cod.  

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