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This Taco Lasagna recipe is so easy and is a casserole that freezes well. When Mexican food meets Italian you get layers of pasta, salsa, seasoned taco meat and lots and lots of cheese. It has only 7 ingredients and is a crowd pleasing cheesy Mexican dinner! This recipe is great topped with some homemade guacamole and pico de gallo.

I was talking to my sister on the phone the other day and she said, “Geez. You’re such a Pinterest mom.”

Her comment spawned from the fact that I had Super Glued some quarters on our sidewalk for April Fool’s Day. Umm…pretty sure that wasn’t on Pinterest. And I can’t say it was just for the kids because I enjoyed every second of watching people try to pick them up.

Oh and I put salt in their toothbrushes. Which turns out backfired completely because now they never want to brush their teeth.

I love the ideas that flow on Pinterest but if an idea takes more than 10 minutes…20 max, I’m out. So if you want to call me a Pinterest mom then you’re right. I’m a 10 minute Pinterest mom.

I’ve found that my kids really appreciate the small little things that make the holidays fun and it doesn’t have to be elaborate.

I cannot leave the grocery store without forgetting at least one thing on my list. I’ll even remember after I’ve loaded all of the kids in the car and can’t bring myself to go back in. Simple recipes are the only way to go for me.

I made a huge feast for Cinco De Mayo last year and my family looked at me like I was crazy. So I might stick to something easy like this this year.

This taco lasagna could not be more simple. I was skeptical that with such few ingredients that the flavor would be good but it came together nicely.

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