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Caramel Cake for any Time

Real Deal Southern Caramel Cake Recipe – The best real Southern caramel cake recipe on the web! If you want authentic Southern Caramel Cake with the best caramel icing, you must make this recipe. It is the real deal for real.

Southern caramel cake recipes have always been a classic that I could have any day of the week. My family has made it for decades, and it is definitely an old time Southern favorite. The funny thing about this cake is a lot of people did not become familiar with it until the movie “The Help” mentioned it. After the movie was released in theaters, I saw tons of replicas of this classic cake online (definitely real deal caramel cake imitators). These recipes weren’t as authentic as I thought they should be.

The real deal caramel cake imitators all seemed okay but nothing like the one I am used to eating. The classic caramel cake recipe has a moist yet slightly dense (but still light) yellow butter cake that isn’t too sweet because the caramel icing is the true star of the party. The classic southern caramel cake doesn’t shortcut the caramel icing recipe with a quick brown sugar butterscotch method, which is a caramel frosting substitution (my recipe doesn’t shortcut anything). This caramel uses granulated sugar and evaporated milk to create the luscious flavor.

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