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A delicious Baked Polpettone or Italian Meatloaf is the perfect dinner idea. A moist tasty meatloaf baked with rosemary potatoes, it’s the perfect one pan dinner recipe.

When it came to meatloaf, it was always My Mom’s Best Meatloaf or nothing! I was sure and still am that it is the best meatloaf out there, even though to tell the truth I haven’t tried very many others.

Talking about food as Italians love to do, we talk about everything from pasta to bread to meat dishes. One that popped up often was meatballs.

So what does meatloaf have to do with meatballs? Well in Italian, a Meatloaf Recipe is translated to Polpettone, meatballs on the other hand mean Polpette.

Therefore Polpettone means “Big Meatball“. This delicious big meatball is baked. And my favourite way to make it, is to add some rosemary, oregano and olive oil tossed potatoes and quartered onions.The Best Easy Baked Italian Meatloaf Recipe is a tried and true family favorite bursting with rich meaty, garlic flavor and baked in a marinara sauce for a meatloaf dinner that doesn’t dry out and is low carb and gluten free!I have a weird thing with condiments – I am allergic to mustard, and I simply don’t like mayonnaise, relish, salad dressing, or ketchup – so meatloaf sounds like a bit of a weird choice as one of my all-time favorite meals. There’s nothing NOT to love about meatloaf though, aside from that pesky all-present too-sweet stuff (I jest) slathered all over it.

I prefer to make a meatloaf smothered in marinara for a decidedly more Italian inspired twist – and it’s rapidly become one of our family’s favorite meals.

The Best Easy Baked Italian Meatloaf Recipe isn’t just delicious – it stays nice and moist and doesn’t dry out when baking, thanks in part to baking it right in marinara.

This lets the marinara sauce’s flavor sink in to the meatloaf, giving it a rich and hearty flavor and a juicy, delicious texture!

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