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French Coconut Pie

This french coconut pie recipe has a crackly, sugary crust with a wonderfully gooey vanilla and coconut center. It is sinfully good! It only takes a few minutes to prep for baking and is easy to make. However, it tastes like it took a lot of work and effort. It is AMAZING.

I love EVERYTHING about this pie. In fact, it could be my favorite of pies…The different textures of a light crackly crunch topping and a gooey center… the perfect balance in flavors of butter, vanilla, sugar, and coconut… I mean it is just INCREDIBLE!!!

It is also easy. So easy in fact, that I always double it and make two. It takes about 10 minutes of prep and one hour in the oven. How great is that? If you give that second pie away to someone special, they will absolutely adore you!!!

I will only make this french coconut pie recipe when I know I have guests coming over. Otherwise I will eat that whole thing by myself. I can’t help myself. It is like crack. It is so darn good I want to eat more, and more, and more…

However, the last time I made two… one being for my dinner party… and the extra I was going to share with my in-laws…. Well, my guests got the French Coconut Pie recipe fever themselves and tore into that second pie! And then they wanted the leftovers… because it is like crack… they just couldn’t help themselves!!

Needless to say, that extra pie didn’t make it to my poor, sweet in-laws. But I will make them one soon.

This is a recipe passed down to me from my great grandmother Pearl. I absolutely love this pie and I hope you do too!

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