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Fresh Strawberry Upside Down Cake

Strawberry Upside Down Cake ~ Delicious Upside Down strawberry cake that starts with a box cake mix and is infused with fresh strawberries…

Strawberry Upside Down Cake ~ Delicious Upside Down Strawberry Cake that starts with a box cake mix and is infused with fresh strawberries! This is perfect for entertaining guests or just because you want something sweet! So easy anyone can make it!

I just totally fell in love with this Strawberry Upside Down Cake again! I forgot how easy it is, how delicious it is and how impressive it is when served to your family and friends!

It comes together so quickly and looks so impressive. You start with a strawberry cake mix and add in a few secret ingredients like marshmallows, strawberry jell-o and fresh strawberries and it turns into this fabulous upside down strawberry cake perfect to impress someone with!

One day I arrived at work. More than likely not in the best mood and still waiting to kill my first cup of coffee. Then in walked a coworker with a piece of cake his wife sent for me. Then my day instantly got better. It was this strawberry upside down cake!

I inhaled it, then promptly sent his wife a Facebook message for the strawberry upside down cake recipe. This is the cake. So I encourage you to do the same. While you might not be able to inhale it and then send me a message. I highly encourage you to run to the grocery store, grab the ingredients and make this for your favorite someone or for yourself.

I have no judgement. None at all. You do what you want with this cake. If that means grabbing a fork and sitting down and eating half or all of this upside down strawberry cake then do as you please!

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