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Keto Healthy Zucchini Tater Tots

This weekend I had 3 gorgeous zucchini squashes sitting in my refrigerator. What should I do with them? I thought about muffins, I thought about zucchini cookies, but I didn’t want to make something sweet – I wanted my zucchini savory. Always thinking of how to bridge the gap for family meals between adults and toddler approved I made these Shredded Zucchini Tots.

You guys, these are SO GOOD. How good are they? Well let me tell you. They’re so good I’m thinking about growing zucchini squash in the garden this year JUST so I can make these tots!

My toddler daughter is my official taste tester, not because I gave her this job, but she gave herself this job because she’s hungry all the time. I swear she can be in another room, and I can be tip toeing around in the kitchen, but somehow she knows Mama is cooking and suddenly I hear the pitter patter of her feet rushing to the kitchen.

I gave her half of a Zucchini Tot, and crossed my fingers. If she liked these, these would be great to add to her menu because they’re loaded with zucchini (2 and 1/4 cups to be exact). I watched her walk away, nibbling on the tot. Ok, she didn’t look back at me yet and glare and throw it on the floor. So far, so good.

Then she climbed up on the couch. Ok, I don’t love her eating zucchini tots on the couch without a plate, but I’m going to pretend I don’t see this. She continues to nibble. I take a few more secret glances at her. I turn my back to start loading the dishwasher, and then I hear her feet running into the kitchen. UH OH.

But wait – this is not an aborted mission! She does not run into the kitchen crying out, instead she’s excited! She smiles! “MORE!” she demands. Wait. My toddler is asking for more zucchini? I believe I can hear angels singing. I give her another half. She runs off happily. Now I’m really happy too!

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