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Killer Potato Soup

This rustic Loaded Potato Soup is so easy to make and has a ton of flavor!! Loaded Potato Soup is comforting, warm and you can tailor it to your tastes.

No, I didn’t have fresh potatoes on hand when I made this Loaded Potato Soup. But potato season will be here in just a few weeks and I plan on digging a good number of them out of the ground. Apples may have arrived as well. Which means that apple dessert recipes won’t be far behind 🙂

This loaded potato soup is rustic in the sense that I used red potatoes that I didn’t bother peeling. Just simmer, mash and add a few more ingredients to make a delicious, creamy soup? Yeah, this is a soup you’ll be wanting to make often.

I really should have called it Cheesy Loaded Potato Soup because there is a fair amount of cheese melted into it.

But I figure the “loaded” part gives a pretty good indication that this soup is firing on all cylinders and there’s not much holding it back. Potatoes, whole milk, cheese, bacon…oh yeah, it’s a killer potato soup recipe. I even added a few minced jalapenos to mine – you know me, loaded isn’t loaded without some type of jalapeno, chipotle or poblano. And, of course, some more cheese.

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