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Killer Potato Soup

“I’ve tried many potato soup recipes and almost all of them have been pretty good. This one, however, it absolutely the best. It is truly a treat…

I don’t know if there are many recipes in my repertoire that are longer overdue. If there is one soup I love in life, it’s easily loaded baked potato soup. Hands down. And it needs to be creamy, rich, dense, packed with flavor, and deliver a sense of comfort to my tastebuds in each and every bite.

Is that so much to ask?

To start, we’ve rounded up the team of usual suspects, plus some of their favorite friends. Celery, carrot, and onion create our base, also known as the ever-famous mirepoix. THEN, we toss in some leeks (love them), shallots (really love them), and garlic (my one true love.)Seems like we’re off to a great start! We’ll cook up some smoky, thick cut bacon, cook these gorgeous veggies down in our rendered bacon fat, then add our beautiful russet potato, chicken stock, some whole milk, and more fun flavors.

It’s finally “fall” here in North Carolina, and I’m so excited! After the last hurricane passed through, it immediately cooled down. Now, I’m sitting here with the windows open, basking in the gorgeous fall sunlight, and eating loaded baked potato soup. I don’t think life gets any better than this. 🙂

I scaled this recipe down to four good-sized portions. Two for us today, then two for us when we decide we are too lazy to make dinner later this week. I don’t need ten servings of leftover potato soup taking up room in my refrigerator; the cookie dough and honey lavender syrup already claimed most of the room. 🙂 But really, when there are so many fun and delicious things to make throughout the week, we aren’t good at repetitive eating. This way, we can enjoy a couple of dinners with this (pair it with a killer salad for the ultimate lunch or dinner combo!), and move on to the next fun meal. Also, once the soup sits in the refrigerator for a day or two, the flavors really blend together for a next level of deliciousness.

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