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Looks awesome! Boston Market Meatloaf by Todd Wilbur

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Boston Market Meatloaf is a delicious meatloaf. One of my favorite characteristics of the Boston Market meatloaf is the sweet sauce on top that is made of a sweet tomato sauce. Boston Market meatloaf also tastes very good the next day in sandwiches. So why not enjoy some Boston Market meatloaf tonight? I bet you try some Boston Market meatloaf everyone will wonder if you bought this at Boston Market, or if you made it at home.

You can also mix meats in a meatloaf. For example, ground beef and pork is popular. In fact, you can use any combination of beef, veal, pork, or lamb. However, if you use very lean meat, it should be blended with approximately thirty percent ground pork. The fattier pork will keep the meatloaf moist and tender.

The first recipe we know about is from late 1870s New England where the cook was instructed to finely chop “whatever cold meat you have.” The meat was very likely beef because cows were typically killed before winter set in. Meatloaf was a way to use up every last bit of the meat. To the finely-chopped beef was added salt, pepper, onion, slices of bread soaked in milk, and egg. These are still the basic ingredients of many a meatloaf recipe today. But back then, they didn’t eat meatloaf for dinner – it was for breakfast!

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Meatloaf became a staple of many Americans’ diets during the Depression. It was a way to extend precious protein and feed more people with less meat. Also, by then meat grinders were common and made meat grinding easier. In the 1940s, meatloaf was also a hallmark of wartime cooking ingenuity. By the 1950s, meatloaf was here to stay. Meatloaf is now so American that it’s often placed alongside hamburgers and hot dogs as iconic American comfort food. You can read more about the history of meatloaf.

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