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Mexican Wedding Cookies

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Mexican Wedding Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, Sugar Butter Balls, Polvorones, Snowball Cookies, Egyptian Feast Cookies, Nut Butter Balls, Norwegian Snowballs, Kourambie, Walnut Delights, Pecan Petites, Holiday Nuggets, Swedish Heirloom Cookies

… these soften in-your-mouth treats are known by a wide range of names the world over. My grandma called them Sugar Butter Balls.

Wedding Cookies

Each time I chomp into a Mexican Wedding Cookie, I’m shipped to when I viewed my grandma move them between her hands. She was the wellspring of such countless delightful nourishments in my adolescence.

She would set the completed treats on a platter and everything looked so exquisite to my young eyes. More than some other occasion treat, these treats taste like Christmas to me.

I’d have a go at sneaking them from the plate before it was time yet the powdered sugar in every case left a ring of proof around my mouth. Regardless, my grandma consistently had a lot of these treats to go around.

The most effective method to Make Mexican Wedding Cookies

The first occasion when I gave making these treats a shot my own, I was 18 years of age and living in my first condo. I had my grandma’s formula for them, yet I figured I knew best.

Rather than rolling the warm treats tenderly through the powdered sugar, I put them in a Ziploc sack and poured sugar over them. At the point when I shook the sack to cover them with sugar, in any event a large portion of the treats split up.

The treats were as yet scrumptious, however they were a wreck to eat. In the years since I’ve discovered that Grandmother knew best. On the off chance that you follow her bearings for rolling the treats in the sugar, yours will turn out just as wonderful as hers consistently did.

The most effortless strategy I’ve found for covering the treats in powdered sugar is to put about some powdered sugar in a bowl and roll the warm treats, a couple at a time, through the sugar.

Indeed, rolling each ball in powdered sugar may take somewhat more time however the outcomes are so justified, despite all the trouble. Mexican Wedding Cookies are fresh when you nibble into them at that point liquefy in your mouth.

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That first chomp conveys pleasantness from the powdered sugar on both within and outside. This light rich treat consistently carries a grin to my face as I consider my grandma and each one of those youth occasions.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

On the off chance that you’ve never made Mexican Wedding Cookies, I’m glad to report that as long as you follow my grandma’s headings, they’re genuinely simple to make in your own kitchen.

In the wake of creaming together delicate spread with powdered sugar and vanilla, progressively add flour to make a mixture. I additionally utilize cleaved walnuts and pecans in my Mexican Wedding Cookies. They add the ideal measure of crunch and a light nutty taste to every treat.

Measure the mixture into 1-inch scoops and fold each scoop into a ball with your hands. Get them as smooth and round as conceivable prior to preparing them in the stove until just set. (Be certain not to allow them to brown!)

I cool my treats for only a few minutes to make them simple to deal with. At that point, roll every treat in powdered sugar and let cool totally prior to moving them twice more in the extra powdered sugar.

These treats are tasty completely all alone and look so lovely on a vacation treat plate. I additionally love to orchestrate these in tins with tissue paper to give as endowments all through the Christmas season.

While I generally partner them with Christmas, Grandmother’s Sugar Butter Balls, Snowballs, or Mexican Wedding Cookies make for a great treat the entire year.

Appreciate them with some tea or espresso, at a gathering or cozied up at home, and gain your own affectionate experiences with the ones you love.


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