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Nannies Fried Corn

Fried corn is just about as southern as you can get and when the corn is fresh and it’s done right it’s delicious. In the summer, we usually serve it with vine ripe sliced tomatoes and whatever other fresh vegetables we have at the time. I think it’s best when you use fresh cut right off the cob corn, but you can also use corn that you have put up or frozen (or canned) yourself.

We all cook corn this way, but the person in our family that is known for her fried corn is my Aunt Vel. You know how some people just cook certain things better than other people and you can’t figure out exactly why? That is my Aunt Vel and her fried corn. This is her recipe and it’s the one we use, and even though it’s really good, it never tastes as good as when Aunt Vel cooks it.

Anytime we have a dinner, we always ask her to bring her corn. This isn’t hard to do at all, but you do have to use what is called for and don’t skimp on the ingredients or it won’t be good.

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