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Old Timey Macaroni & Cheese

Bring back the taste of days gone by with this ooey-gooey mac-andcheese classic. A little ground mustard and hot pepper sauce give it just the right spice…

Baked macaroni and cheese with a buttery crumb topping is legendary comfort food when each spoonful is an old fashioned delight of creamy sauce, tender macaroni, a scatter of crispy breadcrumbs, and a forest of gooey cheese strings stretching from casserole to serving spoon. Serve this classic recipe along with your favorite family memories for a family dinner they’ll remember. Take a look at this Southern version with beer, too.

For this recipe you will need: elbow macaroni, butter, all purpose flour, mustard powder, milk, half and half cream, eggs, salt, pepper, cheddar cheese – medium and sharp), Swiss cheese, breadcrumbs, and a large casserole dish or 13×9-inch baking panThere is absolutely nothing that can boast its comfort food status better than a plate of old fashioned macaroni and cheese. The tender macaroni is not only is swathed in the rich, cheesy sauce but the macaroni soaks even more up while it’s baking.

My mother came from a family of seven.

Each of the girls, and the sisters-in-law had a specialty that they brought to each family gathering. Being in Michigan the foods were likely to be Jell-o salads, macaroni dishes, and such. Aunt Bernie was, I think, the hands down best cook in the family – her apple pandowdy was to die for!

But Aunt Lou made far and away the most magical, the cheesiest, the most amazing baked macaroni and cheese recipe in the history of the known world.

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