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One Pan Jambalaya

One of the grocery stores near our home has little carts that younger kids can push around the store. Of course my toddler is obsessed with this and begs to go to that grocery store just so he can push his own miniature-sized cart. I push the babe in a larger (normal) cart and the toddler follows behind me pushing his miniature cart. He loves filling up his cart, but he is particular about what goes in it.

Generally when we get to a food item I’ll ask him if he wants it in his cart or if it needs to go in mine. He’s very opinionated about these things because they are very important decisions. ? If it gets the “okay,” he’ll grab it out of my hands and place it in his cart.

The other day, he was strangely not at all picky. He promptly grabbed every single food item I was looking at and raced back to his cart to put it in. A few rows down I turned around to check on him to find him shoving a ton of items onto a shelf and exchanging them for Oreos.

Upon closer examination I found he’d replaced absolutely everything I’d put into his cart for the day. He’d replaced the food items with a variation of treats and other random foods.

He explained to me that “I was getting yucky things.” Clearly he had to take measures into his own hands. ?

So I started shopping AGAIN replacing all of the items he’d removed and this time they went into my cart. All the things he’d removed were the ingredients for this very dish (sheet pan jambalaya) so I was guessing he wouldn’t love the dish seeing as he wasn’t very pleased with the ingredients that make up the dish. But I couldn’t have been more wrong!! With the exception of eating the shrimp (he’s not a huge fan YET), he inhaled this dish.

My boys call the turkey sausage “hot dogs” and go nuts whenever they are included in dinner (which explains the plethora of sausage meals on this blog ?) They also loved the rice and roasted veggies. I wish I could say that it’s not spicy at all because my kids ate it, but I do know my boys can seriously handle spice. That said I would say this is quite a mild dish.

If you are worried about the spice, you can scale back the Creole seasoning and replace it with some more Italian herbs (oregano, parsley, etc.) but it will of course be less of a “jambalaya” flavor.

And last little disclosure; I know this is nothing CLOSE to an authentic Jambalaya, but it has some similar ingredients, spices, and flavors and a traditional jambalaya is what inspired this easier 30-minute dinner idea 🙂 Enjoy!

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