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Peach Cake

The buttery topping makes this cake good with morning coffee or as a dessert too. I like it warm with whip cream. Pie filling and cake mix make it super easy!

Summer Peach Cake is a delectable summer dessert recipe featuring fresh sliced peaches sunken into a sweet golden cake!

The sentiment that simple is best is almost always true when you’re dealing with prime, fresh, perfectly in-season ingredients. And seeing as how June is the peak of peach season, what better ingredient to star in a simple-yet-stunning dessert, Summer Peach Cake?
Gloriously sweet and drippingly juicy, there are so many ways to enjoy fresh summer peaches — in cobblers and crisps, in smoothies and popsicles, in breakfasts and drinks and desserts. But today’s Summer Peach Cake recipe just may have secured a spot as one of my new peachy favorites!

As straightforward as the ingredients are, this recipe is equally straightforward to make. A plain, non-showy cake batter is assembled with a handful of basic ingredients and then scraped into a deep-dish pie plate.Fresh peach slices are arranged and pressed into the top of the thick batter and then sprinkled with crunchy sparkling sugar. The cake is baked low and slow for an hour or so, until the top is golden brown and the peaches have practically melted into the tender cake.

The scent wafting out of the oven while the cake bakes is heavenly, tinged with sweet vanilla and syrupy peaches. The cake turns out soft and moist, with a golden, crackly crust. And should you feel naughty, you can opt to add even more crunch with some sparkling sugar sprinkled on top!

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