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Pimento Cheese Sausage Balls

If you thought you had your perfect, go-to sausage ball recipe—wait until you’ve tried these. Using prepared pimiento cheese in this party food favorite eliminates the need to shred cheese when it comes time to prep your sausage balls, and keeps them from drying out in the oven—as sausage balls are prone to do. In other words, this ultimate appetizer recipe is as genius as it is delicious.

Pimento cheese sausage balls are a match made in heaven. I mean really, what could be better than two of my favorite Southern snacks rolled into one bite?

I make my own pimento cheese a lot, but for this sausage balls recipe, I knew I needed something a little different, with a little more moisture that would mix well. So I went straight for Palmetto Cheese: the pimento cheese with soul!

Palmetto Cheese was first made in the 90s by a lady named Sassy Henry. She and her family moved to South Carolina in 2002 and took over a local inn, where they served her pimento cheese as an appetizer. Before too long, it was a guest favorite, and a cook and family friend at the inn began making it in larger batches for guests to take home. In 2006, Palmetto Cheese was introduced into local market outlets. Now, you can find Palmetto Cheese in more than 9,000 locations in 49 states.

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