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Pistachio Crunch

This Pistachio Crunch pudding is just 1 Smart Point per portion on Weight Watchers Freestyle plan. Easy to make and using just 3 main ingredients, it creates a perfect low point Weight Watchers dessert.  Even without the crunchy topping, this pistachio pudding is really good!  But, I love the addition of a bit of ‘crunch’ which elevates the pudding from tasty to a super tasty low Smart Point dessert!

Well, I grew up in the UK and pudding mix just wasn’t something that was available.  We do have a powdered dessert called Angel Delight 😀 which is whisked together with milk but it doesn’t really have the same consistency as Jell-o pudding. Nor does it come in such a wide variety of flavours.  So, anyhow, I now spend time in North America and have easy access to all sort of fat free and sugar free pudding mix and I’m experimenting!! Although, I’d still prefer to make my desserts from scratch (with fewer unpronounceable ingredients!), this dessert is really a winner when you crave something sweet and instant!

What yogurt should I use for this Pistachio Crunch?

  • You can use fat free natural yogurt or fat free Greek yogurt in this recipe. Either tastes great!
  • If you use fat free Greek yogurt it gives the dessert a ‘tarter’ taste but I quite like that. 
  • Experiment and see what you prefer!
  • Just remember that it needs to be fat free yogurt with no flavour/sweeteners to keep it the same Smart Point value. 

I can’t find fat free / sugar free pistachio pudding!

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to get hold of the Jell-o fat free / sugar free pistachio flavoured pudding. Stores don’t always stock this flavour. 
  • When I do find it on the shelves, I tend to pick up a couple of boxes to keep me going. 

Can I use ‘normal’ Pistachio pudding mix?

  • Yes! You can use the normal pistachio pudding mix but it is more Smart Points. 
  • If you use the non sugar free / fat free pistachio pudding mix in this recipe, each serving would be 2 Smart Points. 

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