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I’m a little weird. Come Thanksgiving or Christmas, while everyone’s looking forward to turkey and stuffing, I’m looking forward to mashed potatoes and gravy. And it’s not so much the mashed potatoes themselves because I find them rather plain when they’re not drowned in gobs and gobs of gravy. It’s the gravy. I’m a gravy hog. While other people’s plates will be a colorful assortment of everything on the table, mine would be 1/4 assortment and the rest of the plate invaded by mashed potatoes which you wouldn’t even recognize because it’s drowned in a lake of gravy. And I put extra gravy on my turkey just in case. If the gravy is almost gone, all you have to do is look on my plate to find it.

So without gravy, let’s try and breathe some new life into mashed potatoes. Let’s add texture. By adding some eggs, we’ll puff it up in the oven so you’ll get crispy, puffy mashed potatoes on the outside, but creamy and soft mashed potatoes on the inside. And we’ll beef up the mashed potatoes by loading them up with tons of cheese, bacon bits and chives. Then once it’s all said and done, we’ll eat the puffs with sour cream. Think of this as a mashed potatoes version of my hash brown egg nests recipe that went viral.

By now, wonderful smells are coming from my oven while it bakes. It’s a little tough not to peek cause I’m an oven peeker but I’ll wait. And just as I was typing this, Mr. Cooking Jar chimed in unprompted: ‘Those smell really good!’ Yuuuup. Gonna be in mashed potato puff heaven in about 30 minutes!

These. are. DELICIOUS. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. I can’t get enough of them. Here’s a warning: you should probably make two batches to avoid family feuding! The more leftover mashed potatoes you have the better. Heck, these are so good you should make mashed potatoes just to make them. YUM-MEH.

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