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Quick and Easy Taco Dip

This Easy Taco Dip is a super simple dip that’s loaded with flavor and is a guaranteed hit at any cookout this summer. Made with a cream cheese and sour cream base and then topped off with classic taco toppings, everyone is going to love this easy dip!

I don’t know why I always hesitate to share the easy recipes. The hand-scrawled, crinkled and well-used ones that are tucked in the front of my recipe box, but that don’t even really need even reference anymore because I’ve made them so many times and know them so well that I have them committed to my memory.

Recently I’ve gotten better about it, I’ve shared my simple Texas caviar, my almost-too-easy pulled chicken, and my favorite macaroni salad that I can pretty much make with my eyes closed at this point.

This incredibly easy taco dip recipe is one such recipe, and I was especially hesitant to share it because it almost seems ridiculously simple. But, it’s also a favorite recipe in my house and I’ve been making this taco dip by request for every single party and get together for at least the past decade.

Taco dip is made with a classic cream cheese/sour cream base, is seasoned with taco seasoning (you can use a storebought packet or make your own taco seasoning), and is topped with all of your favorite taco toppings.

Crisp shredded lettuce, hot jalapeños, shredded Mexican cheese and juicy Roma tomatoes always make an appearance on mine, but I’ve heard of people adding everything from scallions to carrots

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