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Each juicy slice is rubbed with honey mustard and crusted with spices to create a roast beef recipe so delicious your family will eat up every bite without complaint.
Roast beef is one of my favorite company meals. A few minutes prep work in advance and then the main dish cooks on its own while I’m handling the rest of the meal.

This frees up valuable time to focus on side dishes and desserts or just relax and enjoy conversation with your guests.

Roast Beef Recipes
I’ve made Roast Beef in the slow cooker and in the oven. I’ve cooked it simply with just a little salt and pepper and added delicious additions like red wine.

They’re all delicious and worthy of a spot on your dinner table but this Southwestern Crusted Roast Beef is by far the most festive. Mexican spices and tangy, sweet honey mustard make this Roast Beef recipe a must-try.

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To make Southwestern Roast Beef, an abundance of Mexican spices are rubbed into the roast, creating a crust so delicious, you may find yourself snacking on little pieces of beef before this makes its way to the table.

The day before you want to serve this, the roast is brushed with honey mustard and then rubbed with an abundance of southwestern spices.

I recommend tying the meat with cooking twine first to encourage the roast to cook more evenly. While it’s not required, it definitely helps!

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