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Southern Fried Salmon Patties

Salmon patties are quick and easy. I got this recipe from my son’s babysitter many years ago. My son is now 20 and we still eat these at least a few times a month. These are very moist when done.

I always find myself going back to the days when I was a child, thinking about all of the home-cooked meals my mom would make. While all of the meals my mother cooked were amazing, there are a few that were my absolute favorites and I find myself fixing modified versions of her recipes frequently. Salmon Patties is one of them!

One of Evan’s favorite foods is fish sticks. Matt and I have gotten frustrated at the choices in the frozen food aisles at the grocery stores with all of the processed versions, and we prefer to make family meals that we can all eat with no exceptions for the little guy. Knowing how difficult it is to get young ones to try new foods, I decided to roll some of the patty mixture up into a stick shape and told Evan I made him some homemade fish sticks. They were an instant hit, and now in regular rotation on our dinner menu.

The great thing about these salmon patties is you can add pretty much any ingredients you want to them. I opt for the more simple approach to appease the younger taste buds, but you can go as far as adding hot sauce, peppers, dried herbs, or any other small diced veggie. Just keep in mind when adding any ingredient that is liquid, you will need to increase your dry ingredients to maintain the right consistency.

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