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Squash Dressing

Every family has the meats and veggies, even seafood, that they like the include. Moisture content is also a subject of great debate, or at least it is with my family. I can remember going to one of my great aunt’s for Thanksgiving one year, and my dad was straight-up pissed at how dry her dressing was. It was f*cking offensive.

I’ve covered all my bases this year by making two different recipes. My Mom’s Traditional Southern Dressing is a classic we all love for a reason. I would say it’s a very moist dressing. This Butternut Squash and Sausage dressing has enough moisture to hold it together, but the cornbread stays in larger pieces and is less saturated. The fat from the sausage and the creaminess of the squash give the dressing all the moisture it needs.

I also love this dressing because it makes an amazing brunch option. My husband eats the leftover dressing reheated with an egg on top. He liked it so much that I thought, shit, you could make this as an awesome brunch menu item too!

All of the ingredients in this dressing can be prepared ahead of time to ensure that putting the dressing together on Thanksgiving is a breeze. You can also cook the dressing a day in advance and reheat on Thanksgiving Day if you’re limited on oven space.

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