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Taco Ring – Easy and amazing

Ultimate Crescent Roll Taco Ring – This isn’t just any old taco ring, it’s filled with corn chips, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and tomatoes – easy and delicious, ready to serve a crowd!

The holidays are upon us and we’re deep into football season. What does that mean? Digging out my favorite recipes that are suited to feed a crowd, of course! But it doesn’t stop there. When I’m entertaining, I want to make sure I have enough food to go around, but I also want to make sure that during the party, my guests can easily serve themselves. Why? Well, because I like to visit with my guests and enjoy their company, too. Don’t you?

Today we’re making an Ultimate Crescent Roll Taco Ring. This isn’t your “ordinary” taco ring. It’s filled with corn chips, cheese and onions – with guacamole, sour cream, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes for topping! A complete people-pleaser for sure!

Our family loves “taco” anything. We make taco spaghetti and taco pasta & chip salad all of the time. This taco ring, well, this. . .just hits the whole “taco” idea out of the park!

Right now Walmart is offering a Twin Pack of Pillsbury Original Crescent Rolls. It’s perfect for all of your holiday baking and entertaining needs. Just load up on several of these. They fly off the refrigerator shelves at my house. There are so many great recipes out there you can use Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for – and many, like this one, can serve a hungry bunch of guests!

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