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Warm Banana Coconut Breakfast Bowl

I’m in my last week of Whole30 (good thing I’m so close to the end because our break room was FILLED with donuts, bread, and muffins yesterday – the smells…glorious. Torturous. I mean, donuts are my most favorite food everrrrrrrrr.)…and, I found my most favorite Whole30 recipe to date. It’s carb-y. More fruity, I guess. It’s wonderful.

I was going to bring this recipe into work (in lieu of donuts), but our birthday girl doesn’t like coconut. HOW could someone not love coconut?! I just can’t comprehend. I’m obsessed with the stuff – always have been.

But in all seriousness, if you’re not so hot for coconut…this one probably isn’t for you. I thought to myself, “OH EM GEE, THIS IS AMAZING! Mark must try this!” A second after he took a bite, “Whoa, tooooo coconutty.” His loss. Coconut lovers, rejoice!

Not only is it beyond tasty, it’s also incredibly easy to make. Four ingredients, pulsed together and topped with a bit of almond butter. Easy as that. Sometimes though, recipes are not always greater than the sum of their parts…not the case here. This could easily double as dessert.

Plus, I also learned a little trick about thick nut butters. Add a little water, microwave, and stir well – a little bit really does go a long way (and I’m not just saying that). The little bit of warmth makes this perfect comfort food, too! Mmmm!

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