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White Chocolate Fudge

This easy, no bake, 2 ingredient white chocolate fudge recipe requires condensed milk and white chocolate. It’s rich, fudgy, creamy and great for Holidays.

*Thank you Post cereal for sponsoring today’s post so that I can share this simple white chocolate fudge recipe with all of you. As always, all opinions are mine.*

I tried so many white chocolate fudge recipes over the last two weeks, while searching for the PERFECT one.

Some of them tasted awful and others had an unusual texture and honestly, one recipe smelled so funky that I just threw out that batch! Eeks!

Finally, I made this INCREDIBLE white chocolate fudge with sweetened condensed milk.

It’s rich, fudgy, creamy and so pretty and white.

If you have a sweet tooth, this NO BAKE white chocolate fudge will satisfy all your cravings.

It took me a little while to get the ratio of ingredients just right but it’s now a dummy-proof, NO FAIL recipe that even beginners can make!I think these are the two most common questions you might have about this type of fudge (I know I did!)

What is white chocolate fudge made out of? How do you make white chocolate fudge from scratch?
Everyone seems to have favorite recipe. My easy white chocolate fudge recipe is made with TWO simple ingredients: condensed milk and white chocolate. This fudge is made WITHOUT marshmallows, marshmallow cream, evaporated milk, cream cheese or sour cream. The process to make this fudge is very simple. Melt white chocolate. Then, and add condensed milk and mix everything until smooth. Finally, pour the mixture in a dish and refrigerate until the fudge sets.

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