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Zero Point Curry

This Zero Point Curry is easy to make and is freezer friendly, making it a great choice for a quick Weight Watchers curry any day of the week.  At Zero Smart Points per generous portion on the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan,  this Chicken & Lentil Curry is a great dinner for when you don’t have Smart Points to spare! cIf, like me, you sometimes need a zero point or low point meal after a couple of days of overdoing it, then this recipe really won’t disappoint. 

Easy to make and freezer friendly it’s filling, tasty and ZERO POINTS!

Now, I can’t lie – it’s not the creamy, buttery, Point laden curry that you would get from a take-out but those kind of curries can put you back well over 20 Points! Infact …. my trusty WW Eat Out Guide lists some chicken curry dishes as being over 80 Smart Points per portion!!! So this is a tomato based curry, cooked with lentils (to fill you up) and curry powder (to keep the Points zero).  In this recipe, I used curry powder as it is a great shortcut for making curries and is only 1 Smart Point for 2 tablespoons worth.  It can be argued that for taste you can’t beat using individual herbs and spices, however for ease of use, using a curry powder is a no brainer!  

Why use curry powder rather than curry paste?

  • I used curry powder in this recipe rather than curry paste as it has fewer Smart Points. 
  • It’s as simple as that!
  • There are some really good curry pastes out there which taste delicious but I wanted to make a curry that was Zero Smart Points so …. I used curry powder 😀

What Curry Powder can I use?

  • There are many kinds and brands of curry powder on the market and they vary hugely in terms of their taste, what spices they include and their ‘hotness’.
  • I used a medium curry blend powder for this recipe but feel free to use a mild or hot powder according to your taste. 

What should I serve with this Zero Point Curry?

  • This is quite a substantial curry because of the lentils so I will often just eat a bowl of it on its own.
  • Sometimes I will serve it with a spoonful or two of fat free natural yogurt to keep it as a Zero Point meal. This is also my preference if I made it using a hotter curry powder blend!
  • You could also serve it with a Garlic Naan Bread for an extra 4 Smart Points. 
  • Serve with a small portion of white or brown rice for an extra 3 Smart Points. 

Can I freeze this Zero Point Curry?

  • Yes! This curry is perfect for freezing. 
  • Once cooled you can portion it into individual freezer safe containers and freeze for an easy curry any day of the week.
  • Just remove from the freezer, defrost thoroughly and heat through in the microwave. 

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